Pensions Payment for Public Officers: The Salaries and Remuneration Commission undertook a study to enable it address the challenges of pensions payment faced by public officers (retired and active in service). The study looked into the pension liabilities of the public service superannuation arrangements, established the adequacy of pensions in payment, and proposed ways to address the disparities in pensions’ payment. This policy was finalised and the recommendations were forwarded to the National Treasury for implementation. Some of the reviews include:

a)    Amendment of the Pension Increase Act Cap 190 to provide for a triennial review of pensions in payment over and above the existing biennial one.
b)    A discretionary one–off pension increase for retirees for the period 1991 to 2005 to compensate them for inflation.
c)    Cap the increase in pension expenditure to not more than 1.5 per cent of GDP for public service pension liabilities.

These recommendations have been received by the National Treasury who are considering implementing them subject to availability of funds for those with a financial impact.

County Governments Pension Arrangements: The Commission has participated fully in the development of a pension’s arrangement for the staff of the County through an inter-agency committee. The recommendations of this committee have since been presented to the Senate in form of an Act to establish a County Pension Scheme for county staff and it is before the Senate for deliberation.

Deputy President and Other Designated State Officers Act 2015: The Commission advised on the retirement benefits of the Deputy President and Other Designated State Officers. The advice of the Commission was incorporated in the new Deputy President and other Designated State Officers Act of 2015 which has since been operationalized.

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