The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has three directorates. The three directorates as follows:
i. Directorate of Remuneration Analysis.
ii. Directorate of Research, Compliance, Policy and Planning.
iii. Directorate of Corporate Services.

A) Directorate of Remuneration Analysis

This directorate has the following departments:

          Remuneration Analysis Department: The core functions of the department include:
  • Planning, Managing and Directing remuneration and benefits administration;
  • Undertaking of grading and classification structures for the various institutions under SRC mandate;
  • Setting and advising on remuneration and benefits and other emoluments as deemed necessary;
  • Undertake remuneration and benefits analysis;
  • Coordinating of compensation surveys that inform remuneration and benefit structures;
  • Liasing with stakeholders organization that provide data on remuneration and benefits, and other information required;
  • Ensuring maintenance of accurate data and information on remuneration and benefits;
  • Undertaking stakeholder capacity building on issues of remuneration and benefits structures; and
  • management of performance and productivity data.

    Pension Department: The core functions of the department include:

  • Undertaking stakeholder capacity building on issues of remuneration and benefits structures; and
  • Ensuring maintenance of accurate data and information on remuneration and benefits;
  • Liaising with stakeholder organisations that provide data on remuneration and benefits, and other information required;
  • Coordinating of compensation surveys that inform remuneration and benefit structures;
  • Undertaking remuneration and benefits analysis;
  • Setting and advising on remuneration and benefits and other emoluments as deemed necessary;
  • Undertaking of grading and classification structures for the various institutions under SRC mandate;
  • Planning, managing, and directing remuneration and benefits  administration;

B) Directorate of Research, Compliance, Policy and Planning

This directorate will have the following departments:-

          Research and Compliance Department:The department is responsible for the following functions:

  • Planning, coordinating and executing all research activities within the Commission;
  • Identifying areas of improvements and develop new methodologies to improve on the Commissions programmes;
  • Liaising with user departments in preparation of research objectives and deliverables;
  • Adopting the latest developments in research tools and techniques to ensure that research deliverables meet quality standards and requirements;
  • Analysing and resolving research issues promptly and accurately;
  • Developing and maintaining policies and procedures for the operation of the Compliance function of the Commission;
  • Responding to alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and standards by evaluating / recommending the initiation of investigative  procedures;
  • Identifying potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk;
  • Developing  and overseeing a system for uniform handling of non-compliance;
  • Providing reports on a regular basis, and as directed or requested, to keep the Commissioners and management informed of the operation and progress of compliance efforts; and
  • Monitoring compliance and undertaking appropriate measures.

          Policy and Planning Department:The core functions of the department include:

  • Coordination of development and review of remuneration and benefits policy framework;
  • Coordination of development and review of pensionspolicy framework;
  • Identification of key issues and key collaborators for SRC policyadvocacy and planning work; and
  • Develop requisite linkages to enable SRC to influence national policy on remuneration and benefits.

C) Directorate of Corporate Services

 This directorate will have the following departments:-

a) Finance Department

b) Human Resources and Administration

c) Procurement Department

d) Information Communication and Technology (ICT)


Three departments report directly to the Commission Secretary. They include:

A) Internal Audit and Risk Management
The internal audit department helps the Commission to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. It provides the Commission with information, appraisals, recommendations, and counsel regarding the activities of the Commission and other significant issues.

B) Corporate Communications
The role of communications department is to plan strategically, manage and sustain the Commission’s relationship with key audiences (both internal and external), taking responsibility of the Commission’s reputation. It thus helps the Commission to achieve its strategic and operational goals.

C) Legal
The legal department renders effective legal assistance in the preparation of legal opinions, studies, reports and correspondence, as required from time to time by the Commission. It provides appropriate legal advice on a diverse range of substantive and procedural questions of law arising while the Commission carries out its mandate.

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